Copycat Chick Fil A Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe


hey friends welcome to freedom in abudget I am so excited for this collapse so this is another click with me and acrockpot collab although I am cheating and going to use an insta pot there’sbecause I enjoy remains about so much more and I had to slow cooker functionso I’m going to use that function as well as that satay and actually thepressure cooker fun transpose I’m using three functions today in this collab butit’s it’s gonna be okay I don’t judge me for cheating please so Kari from WeightWatchers Kari is hosting this collab I’ve done a couple of these slow cookerclubs before in their past and they are so much funso if you’re coming over from the collab welcome i’m kelly and my channel is justliving like well on a budget whether that’s financial or family or weightloss or healthy eating whatever maybe just doing it on a budget so this is asuper budget-friendly neil the total cost me under eight dollars i think itwas and so yummy so we are making topic at chick-fil-a chicken tortilla soup soif you guys know me at all you know I love me some chick-fil-a chick-fil-a ismy love language and it’s delicious so I’m not a beans fan some little nervousabout this but

I think it’s gonna be really good so it is going to be at fivepoints per serving where we make six servings and it can be delicious so sogood so that’s good here is everything that we’re gonna needit for the soup so I’m gonna use my instep out like I said before and Imentioned I’m gonna use three functions I’m actually changing it and only usingtwo functions I’m not going to use the sautee a changed up the recipe a littlebit and so I’m gonna do the pressure cooker of the chicken because I needsome chicken for the week as well so I’m gonna just cook in a couple extrachicken breasts while I am doing that and I like the way that the chickentastes better coming out the pressure cooker than just the slow cooker modethat’s just me personal so I’m gonna use the pressure cooker cook some chickenand then I’ll switch to the slow cooker setting on my instant pot ok so here’severything we’re gonna need we’re gonna use a kitchen scale so that we canmeasure out the taco seasoning it calls for a cuphalf of a chicken broth I just make my own with de bouillon cubes so

I just addit to this with some hot water and let it dissolveI already did that step renamed it black beans great northern beans creams cornregular corn Rotel and then chicken breast and half-and-half so all youdidn’t have the fat-free half-and-half if you do I use have fat-free half andhave it calls for 3/4 cup it actually cuts down on two points per serving sothis is 5 points per serving but it because I use the regular half-and-halfbut if you use a fat-free half-and-half then it is only 3 points per Centerwhich is awesome so and then chicken breast like we said and then you top itwith tortilla strips so I’m really excited I’m going to start with puttingsome chicken in the pressure cooker here’s the chicken and the insta pad soI have three chicken breasts here with about a cup and a half of water thisreally big at chicken breast this is just under a pound I measured it and sothat’s going to be the chicken for the soup and then the other two chickenbreasts are going to be for at lunches this week and I’m just going to put makesure it is unsealing then I’m going to do pressure cook for 13 minutes and it’sgonna do its thing and then pressurize it and then start the countdown chickenis done

I just did a slow release on the chicken because it’s just easier to dothat and I don’t have to worry about the steam so just take took out all thechicken and shredded it so first I’m going to put in the chicken broth justmake sure it’s all mixed up here then I’m going to add so this is the rainestep beans so we have the northern beans at the bottom then black beans and thenthe chicken that I treaded I didn’t shred it too much because it’s red soeasily when you cook it next about and I don’t want it to break apart so I just alight shredding with two forks then we have the Rotel and I’m doing it with thejuice and everything not draining it okay so tortilla strips those arestaying corn will be added at the end and now import the top of seasoning so Ihave this big one from Costco that I use and a typical pouch of taco seasoning isone ounce so I’m just gonna measure it here on my food scale so I zeroed it out just gonna pour until we get to announce kind of hard to see on the thing onepoint one good enough for me and then just sprinkle it away and thenI’m going to stir this okay and then I’m going to just use a regular the slowcooker lid not the pressure cooker lid because sometimes even when you do it onit slow cooker it it still like pressurizes which

I don’t want so wehave that and then at three hours and we’re going to check and then we’ll addeverything else at the end we have about thirty minutes left so I’m going to takeoff the lid and only how it looks it smells like tacos it sounds reallygood so this is looking good guys okay so we have about thirty minutes left sotwenty thirty minutes left we’re gonna add our sweet creamed corn I’ve neverused creamed corn before you never had in my life and then also whole kernelcorn okay so we’re gonna let this go and then we’re actually gonna have this cookfor the last twenty thirty minutes without the lid on don’t know why that’swhat the directions say so the last twenty or thirty minutes without the lidand then we’re going to add two half-and-half this is a really likehearty soup it’s already almost like chili there’s not much broth in it soyou can always add more if you want it so that’s it’s very heartyalright let’s cook this for a couple more minutes like a half-hour and thenwe’ll add a half and half and serve five minutes are leftand this soup looks pretty much the same but it alright it is getting a littlethicker I can feel the difference when

I stir it probably from the cream cornhere I have three quarters of a cup measured up the half-and-half andremember if you use fat-free half-and-half it will lower the pointsby two points per serving so this is five points per serving including thetortilla strips that we’re gonna add and then if you do that free it’ll only bethree points per serving all right so we’re gonna let this cookfor another five or so minutes and then it will be ready to plate up I’m soexcited all right soup is done it looks goodguys I’m like beans but it still looks really good I’m really excited rightokay so here is it one serving it’s about a cup of soup here and we aregoing to add the tortilla strips so let’s see what the serving is is twotablespoons or seven grams so we’re going to set the food scale I have itzero out let’s try and get close as we can to 7rand move it to it 9 degrees okay so we’re going to take off I want to eatthis and it’s still 9 grams so here is the soup oh man does it look good guysCanessa smellivision and these tortilla strips are so good because they add alittle bit more of a kick I’m sure it already has a kick because of our tellbut let’s try like I said I’m not a super s’en that this is actually reallyreally good move it out of the Sun here so the strip’s give it a really greatnice little kick and crunch the beans they’re not badI was nervous about them but they’re really good and they had a lot ofprotein the chicken is cooked perfectly and it’s nice and shredded and the cornis a great addition as well I’m excited it’s me great lunch this week yeah youknow that was delicious so as I told you guys before I do not like beans but itwas good so this is a super easy super filling cozy warm and I live in SouthFlorida even though I don’t need cozy and warm it’s 80 degrees outside stillwe can turn the a/c down and pretend it’s cold out so

I really hope theyenjoy this recipe let me know if you are participating in this if you’re doing aslope of the recipe yourself is there any slow cooker recipes that you wouldlike to try let me know so I hope that you subscribe oh you’re coming over fromthe collab and you’re new here or if you haven’t go check out all the otherchannels down below in the description box go check them out they are awesomeso I hope that you cook their recipes that check out Weight Watchers withCarrie Carrie thank you again for hosting and inviting me I love this so Iwill talk to you guys later bye


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