eBates (Rakuten) – Does it Really Work? $10 Sign Up Bonus in Video!


so I know about you guys but I likemaking cash so this Christmas I am doing my shopping through Ebates and gettingcash back so guys if you haven’t checked out each Ebates before please pleaseplease go check them out there is a full link down below in the description boxthey are incredible I have made over a hundred dollars just by shopping throughEbates and I’ve gotten so many great things somany great shipping products and just it’s incredible I love love love Ebatesalright so here’s what it is it is an online shopping world and what you cando is you can go through the app you can go through in-store purchases you can doit on your desktop they actually have a plugin they can download that every timeyou go on to one of the Ebates approved websites it automatically pops up andsays would you like to activate 3% cashback and every time it’s like umyeah so that way you never miss a deal is what happens is you go through Ebatesto the regular shorts are already shopping at and then they give you akickback up for shopping through Ebates so I do shopping through amazon.comthrough overstock through Walmart this right here this pouch actually boughtfrom Walmart surprisingly they’ve stepped up their game a lot and I hadmoney back through Ebates from it from this um purchase okay I bought it onWalmart calm and got money back front which is incredible so what you do isyou go on you go and do your normal shopping and then like

I said you getthe cash back and it comes once a month or whenever you set up the threshold andthey send you a check or something new that they’ve started is you can do it ina store and then it you get even more so I just redeemed a whole bunch of money Ithink was like 60 something dollars and then they said would you like toincrease it by 15% through one of these retailers and you get 15% backsI was like yeah so I scroll through and expressives one of themchristmas is coming and I’m gonna be getting Jamie some Express shorts andeverything’s for work so I end up getting like 77 dollars versus sixtydollars through n8 which is incredible and then they just have a little thingthat you print out you can either bring it into the store or you can shop Ebatesas well and get you more cash back for it and also you can link a visa map orAmerican Express card to your Ebates account and then any of the stores verybits of pert you just swipe and you automatically get that cash back I knowAmerican Eagle is one of them there’s so many retailers that had that cashbackdeal Charming Charlie so guys Black Friday’s come in christmasis coming do your shopping throug

h Ebates you’re gonna save so much moneyit’s incredible I know two years ago I wanted to get Jamie a new comforter setso I went to Kohl’s they don’t figured out which one Iwanted to get him then boggart online and got like five dollars back throughCole’s for Ebates which is incredible all free shipping if you’re over acertain amount which most of the time you were anyways so guys let me know ifyou have any questions email let me know if you use Ebatesit is incredible incredible incredible so yeah let’s go look at okay here isthe Ebates homepage which is so awesome as you can see here they have all theseneighboring stores like Amazon Shutterfly off his deep bow SnapfishDisney it’s incredible Jamboree in what’s also really cool is they havedeals where you can get percent off like 20% off and then also the cashback ontop of that which is so cool Tom shoes up to 20 $25 cash off plus four percentcashback which is incredible this is gonna be so awesome for Cyber Monday forBlack Friday as you can see they’ve already got the Black Friday deals outwhich is perfect I know that I’m doing a ton of my shopping for Black Fridaythrough Ebates and as you can see up here $109 I’vereceived back so far which is so cool and then I told you guys about theplug-in so if you go to a store that is um but proved for Ebates you will seewhen you load up to their page that the plug-in pops up so it says Ebates actedby cashback 2% cashback yes so i want to activate this cashback so now when Icome to Bed Bath & Beyond any purchase that

I make from here on out and thistime is gonna get that cash back which is so cool and it tells me that it’sactive if I go to Walmart com it’s gonna do the same thing which is just it’s Ilove this so you never ever ever miss a cash back deal because it you have theplug-in so here we go activate 1% cash back so I’m getting 1% back from anyWalmart purchase which is so cool so guys let me know if you have anyquestions let me know if you use the Ebatesif you have any really great deals that you have found that let me know downbelow in the comments don’t forget to use that referral link you get $10 as asigning on bonus if you make a purchase within the first three months alrightguys I will talk to you later bye


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