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hey guys I am so excited to do thistutorial with you we are going to use every dollar Tom to create a zero basedbudget now Dave Ramsey has created this app in a website and it is amazing Iabsolutely love it and like that you can use it on website or app and it’sincredible for you know couples or people that you know have multiplepeople in their account in wanting to use the app so if Jimmy wants to addsomething he can or if he makes purchases I can see that right there andis in live time which is so incredible it’s not like you have to go home updatethe excel sheet no it’s all lifetime so I’m gonna go with you step-by-step howto set up a next month’s budget so we are starting for August so we are justgonna start planning for August and it is gonna bring over everything that wehave here so we are going to be inputting our paychecks and this is justI played around with this a little bit before so we’re gonna just put in youknow fake numbers these aren’t gonna be your actual numbers but we are justgoing to do a fake numbers to try and you know figure out the best way thatthis works so

we are going to say the Paycheck one paycheck two came and thenwe have a side job that brought in let’s say an extra thousand dollars so this iswhat we are projecting is 6500 dollars for the month now it is going tocalculate our tithe this is going to be when you do 10% of that so we’re goingto do at $650 for tithe or if you want to do another giving you know if youwant to give to a hurricane Harvey or something like that you can add an itemhere so let’s say we want to do that Herick let’s just put Harvey leave orHouston and let’s say we want to do let’s say $200 for that because we havesome some some given in our heart that we want to give to them alright soemergency fund if you do not have your $1,000 emergency fund that’s your mainfocus you want to be focusing on putting money towards your emergency fund me mythousand all merge soon as you find is all set so we are going to skip that andthen we are going to go to Christmas so let’s put let’s put $50 away forChristmas clothing now that we have Jamie’s clothing to worry about before Iwas just doing $10 months for me but now that Jamie is in the picture let’s say$50 as well all right so laptop we are saving $25 a month for that carfund let’s say 35 a month that’s just for you know basic wear and hair andI’ll show you just stuff like that we just want to have that moving fund noone would need that

I am moving or I’m dead moving so you just click thisdelete button and it says yes delete next it gifts $30 a month for giftsthat’s pretty good vacations is $25 a month um let’s let’sbump that up to 40 wedding wedding we do not need to say for anymore we’re goingto delete that medical let’s bump that up to $50 a month car insurance$250 month perfect alright housing rent rent we are going to say $1,600 a monthelectricity we’re gonna say 150 and as you can see up here up top left tobudget every it’s gonna calculate as you go which is awesome so mobile phone is4732 a month is $61 a month perfect so that’severything for housing now say you had to add something like you wanted to adda trash in trash was $15 a month you just add it to pretty easy all righttransportation auto and gas we are going to do $200 a month groceries let’s see$200 restaurants 150 gym membership 23-19 perfect and this is the life-sizehow to worry pocket money since for Jamie and I let’s say say $150 each orwe can even do this we can do Kelly pocket money and then we can do Jamiepocket money that’s me 50 Kelly’s gonna be 50/50 not 5 and then we can move thisup so that Jamie and Kelly are together Weight Watchers is 871 a month so that’sit for lifestyle and as you can see over here on the side it’s going to colorcode each thing so giving is blue then savings is red household or housing isorange as you can see that’s the most that

I’ve spent so far transportationsis lime green food is this turquoise lifestyles purple and then we’re goingto get into insurance and tax so renter’s insurance is 1884 a month autoinsurance is $250 a month and then we have debt so if you have debt you’regonna put that here me I want to add sinking fundsbecause sinking funds are so important so the first one that we are going to dois a laptop fund in that is going to be $25 a month next is going to bevacations because it’s so important to enjoy yourself and let me move this up alittle bit and that is going to be you what let’s say hundred dollars a monthall right then we are going to do gifts now this is different from Christmasthis is you know just little gifts for holidays birthdays different things likethat let’s say $50 a month so that we can really splurge next we are going todo clothing actually did we already do clothing I think we did all right yes sowe did clothing under savings so I’m going to actually move some of thisstuff around so we change this yeah so we’re going to do thissaving slash sinking funds okay and then we can actually delete these see I’mjust playing around with you guys vacations yes would we okay so thensinking funds that we are going to minimize so what C we have clothinglaptop gifts vacations all right so we have this so we have a two thousand twohundred ninety six dollars left to budget so this is zero based budget sowe don’t want to put any of this in here we want to spend it off so what I amgoing to do is we like

I said I already have our thousand dollar mergency fundbut we’re going to start on our three to six month emergency fund so this we aregoing to put our remaining budgeted amountchiju nine six three four two two nine six three four so it’s equal okay sowhen it says it’s an every dollar budget then you note that you have completedyour budget you’re all set you have a zero based budget which is your goal soguys let me know what you guys think let me know if you have any questions downbelow in the comments I would be happy to do another every doubt every dollartutorial with you guys I absolutely love this I love Dave brand so you guys knowthat I’m big followers of Dave and it’s just incredible absolutely love it theapp in the website every dollar


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