Everything You Need To Know About Weight Watchers Freestyle Program!


hey guys welcome it to freedom in abudget and I’m so excited that you here we are talking about the new WeightWatchers freestyle program I am absolutely loving I’ve been doingit for about a week week and a half now and it’s incredible it’s such a greatprogram I feel like it’s a really good mix between smart points and simplyfilling so simply feeling was more of just eating more whole grain and justwhole food type of foods and you know as you guys know smart points is the pointsystem that came out after points plus so way that freestyle your points do godown a bit I used to have 30 daily points and now I only have 23 so it canbe a little bit challenge now as I’m sure you guys have heard you have over200 that’s right 200 zero point foods that they just rolled out which isincredible but would that being said it you have to be careful that you’re usingthose zero point fits ties you know you’re all excited about it this is agreat new program and I realize that doing it this week it’s it’s really hardto stay within your point I’ve gone over my point to every single day now now youdo still have the blue dots you can go ten below or four over it has a 14 pointrange so with my 23 I can go as low as 13 or as high as 27 it’s still gonnablued up but it can be challenging if you’re not using the leader point foodsthere was one day

where I ate normal the only 0.2 that I had was eggs buteverything else was just my normal foods and so with that I ended up having Ithink it was 29 points or something so it wasn’t bad but you have to be carefulbecause if you’re not having those you’re born it’s it’s really hard tostay within your point range at least in the beginning before you’re you knowlearning how to introduce these zero point fruits into your diet so just togive you a couple of the new foods that are a zero point which is incrediblenumber one chicken breast oh my gosh this is huge so chicken breast is is nowzero points and so is eggs are no longer two points so eggs egg whites they’reall zero points Pease I never answered white keys havepoints okay I know they’re stretchy but they are a good green solid vegetableand I personally I love peace I love peace of mashed potatoes if you guys sawmy turkey ala King I love Turkey Allah king with peas and they’re just one ofmy favorite veggies so I was really upset that they had points before sothey need to have zero points corn corn had zero points whether it’s on the coboff the cob sweet corn whatever it is as long as

I’m the ended sugar or anythinglike that we’re the corn cats rolls but the corn itself is zero points which isawesome lentils and beans are all zero points now tofu is zero points I’venever had tofu – to be honest I don’t know if those points they’re not pointsbefore but no point anymore so that’s awesomelet’s see beans lentils peas turkey breast which is awesome so in alsoground turkey breast I use a lot of ground turkey I know why but I feel likeground turkey is healthier than ground beef even though I am a red meat type ofgirl I love me some red meat so as long as the turkey breast is 98% fat-freethen you’re good to go in at zero points tofu plain non-fat yogurt whether it beGreek yogurt soy yogurt whatever it is as long it’s a fat-free non-fat it iszero points which is awesome I love yogurt especially with fruit mixed inmmm that’s a mango in there somestrawberries some blueberries good to go I’m fish and shellfish which I don’t Idon’t eat seafood that I’m from the Northeast New England now I live inSouth Florida on the beach still hate seafood

I don’t know why Jamie marriedme so includes fresh frozen canned smoked without any fat or sugar is allzero points which is awesome so guys that is the basis of freestyle that youcan roll over your points you have all of these new zero point feeds and youalso have your weekly zoom you can use your weekliesthey roll over points you can roll over up to four points per day so if you aredoing a lot of zero point fits okay do you guys have a watch Giuli live inlarge on lifetime she’s the queen of zerofoods even before freestyle she was the queen I would watch her what I eat inday videos and I’m like you just showed us like 15 things that they are havingfor breakfast and lunch and whatever this morning and there were all zeropoints you’re at like 6 o’clock at night and you’ve had one point all day I don’tknow how she does it she’s the queen and zero point two so if you get to be likeJulie and have points excuse me leftover you can roll over for a day for 20 totalof 24 points on the day that you weigh in and your points reset this theseventh day that doesn’t count so only six days you can roll over points andthen also here we please or fit points which I personally like the fit pointsbecause it makes me move more because it’s like alright when I get thosepoints so

I can I’ll move more if I can get the points which is awesome andthat’s if you are not on Weight Watchers I really really recommend it number onecheck with Ebates ebay through right now is giving you four dollars when you signup plus four percent cashback and any purchase that you make within WeightWatchers I’m gonna be coaching or foods or whatever it is 4 percent cashback youdon’t have the Bates sign up the link below you get $10 just for signing up ifyou make a qualify and purchase without within the first 30 days which isawesome so $10 right there plus the four dollars 30 14 dollars in they have tonsof signing on bonuses and different things like three months for sometimesit’s was at three months for like $15 when I signed it I don’t know what thespecials are now but there’s always specials going on so go check them outyou have any questions that let me know I’m gonna play some awesome informationdown below in the description box so be sure to check that out and I will talkto you guys later bye


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