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hey friends welcome to freedom in abudget it is time to explain the new Weight Watchersww programs so if you’re a new welcome I’m Kelly with freedom in a budget mychannel is just all about living life well on a budget and living a debt-freelife I am currently debt-free as of March 2017 so just loving that and I’malso on our weight-loss journey and just kind of how weight loss can be done on abudget and just living a really great life on a budget and now it’s sopossible so I talked about weight loss my channel budging cash envelopes justfrou Living fun life vlogs I I just just ton of stuff so I hope that yousubscribe if you are new and I just want to kind of go over there new programwith you guys I did an update with Weight Watchers freestyle the AL hemlink down below and up in the iCard as well and I just really got a lot ofgreat feedback that you guys wanted to know how the program worked so I thoughtI would do one for the new Weight Watchers program as well so as

I’m sureof a lot of you guys got the email from the CEO of Weight Watchers saying thatWeight Watchers is going away what it’s going away no no they are justrebranding so Weight Watchers is no longer Weight Watchers but WW whichstands for wellness that works and honestly with the more research thatI’ve done and just you know what I’ve learned from marketing different thingslike that like this is a brilliant brilliant marketing and once a schemethat she’s doing but it’s just brilliant marketing because Weight Watchers isprimarily a woman company I know that there are a lot of men members but it’sstatistics it’s pretty high in Weight Watchers or in women for Weight Watchersevery single meeting that I’ve ever been to there’s like two guys in a room fullof women and it’s it’s really hard for I guess men to connect I’ve talked to acouple of my co-workers I’ve tried it and they just couldn’t couldn’t reallyconnect with it they didn’t feel that that it was really marketed to them sothey are doing a whole new rebranding of not only gearing to both men and womenwhich if you saw their color scheme it’s a lot more of a bolder blue and alot more of a masculine blue than the more like pastel IIlight-colored blue that

Weight Watchers had and also they’re gonna be focusingmore on wellness so they’re partnering with headspace which is a meditating appand it’s just kind of like a calming kind of helps you just decompress andde-stress which is really cool I’m so gonna be doing that in just more wholebody and so they’re not necessarily focusing a hundred percent a weight lotlate weight loss but I really really hope that in the years to comethat they don’t cut that off completely that they don’t go so into wellness thatthey stop the weight loss part of it because that’s why we joined WeightWatchers guys let’s be honest we didn’t join it for wellness we didn’t join itat least in the beginning maybe down the years down the road people will join itfor that but I’ve joined it to lose weighty’all joined it to lose weight you guys are researching weight loss WeightWatchers to lose weight so I really hope that they you know continue on with thisbut they are adding a lot more of wellness type things okay so they nowhave wins which are like wellness wins I want to come in wellness points becausethat’s what we have at work but I know they are wellness winsso the wins that you get are for logging your food logging your breakfast log inyour lunch logging your dinner if you weigh in at least once a week you get 25wins as well for every activity you get 5 wins and then those wins they add upand then you can get prizes and different things like that so they havedifferent tiers and then the tiers um

I think they range between likefifteen hundred and four thousand wins so with it depending on how many do knowit does it takes a while to get to that 1500 I’ll be honest but you can getreally cool merchandise Weight Watchers Brandon not Weight Watchers branded somegift cards all different really really cool stuff with all outside companies orsome outside company some Weight Watchers until it’s really cool to havethat as Nishat ‘iv to lose weight and to do your tracking and do all that stuffbecause if your tracking you know locking your breakfast logging yourlunch logging you dinner getting activity points all of that it’s goinghelp you in your in your weight-loss journey you know there’s some peoplethat strap or slack with tracking and that’s a really big struggle with thembut if you’re gonna get five wins to track your lunch I want to have my lunchfor five wins yeah I’ll do that so it really just helps motivate people to getthat which is a really really cool thing another cool rebranding thing thatthey’re doing is changing of the names so for instance meetings are now longeror no longer meanings but workshops and the leader is no longer a leader but awellness coach and then the receptionist of people that way when our wellnessguides which is cool so we’re just kind of giving a whole new approach differentthings and I’m just kind of changing your thought process for it so that whenyou’re going to the meeting

it’s not like a drag oh you know when I hearmeeting I think of meetings up sitting at work taking notes hitting afreezing-cold conference room this might always are and just kind of dreading itbut if I’m going to workshop yeah I don’t know about that let’s improvelet’s do what we have to do to get things motivated to get us going tolearn something new so I think there’s a really great rebranding of just kind ofchanging our whole thought process on that another exciting change is in thenext year in 2019 Weight Watchers ww is gonna be going through andchanging all of their Weight Watchers WW branded food it’s like all their snacksand more things removing all artificial flavors all artificial sweetenersartificial preservatives artificial colors from all their food to make itmore of a healthy clean eating food which is really really exciting andreally important okay and then lastly the program you guys are worried isfreestyle going away is it changing as you guys know Weight Watchers WW they gothrough changes almost every year are they kind of tweak the program torelease a new program from like smart points to freestyle and use that pointpoints plus they have said

it they’re not changing freestyle so that’s okaywe’re good with that so we’ll have probably at least a full another year onfreestyle before they make any changes and I think they’re gonna do some acouple changes with the program next year I have a really big feeling thatavocados and some of the foods are gonna be zero points next timeI just have a feeling I see a comment there going into more of the healthy fattype of thing like the nonfat Greek yogurt that’s two now zero points in thethe lean proteins that I really think that they’re gonna take a range of thehealthy fats and avocados and make them zero points so that’s me speaking KellyFriedman budget not Weight Watchers but I can see a ton I think it’s gonna comeso that is the new WWE Wellness that works program you guys have anyquestions leave them down below in the comments and if I can answer them I willif not I will do some research and get the answers for you alright guys I willtalk to you later bye


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