Husband Lunch Ideas | 5 Ideas That Are NOT Sandwiches | Ep 1.


hey guys welcome to freedom in a budgetI am Kelly and today is a really different type of video I haven’t askedso many times of what do I make my husband for lunchand how do I make his lunch is creative how to make them good and not justsandwiches so before we get into that just to give you a little background onJamie and his lunches so he grew up always eating out his family just ateout a lot they didn’t cook much and so that was kind of the lifestyle that hehad and he ate out for lunch every single day and I’m gonna link a video ofwhy my husband has an unlimited eating out budget that I have posted in thepast and just when we first got married it kind of put a damper on ourrelationship in our marriage of him eating out I had already been bringingmy lunches every day for years to save money and just to eat healthier and sohe was eating out and I was like huh I wish I could go to chick-fil-a Oh whichI could go to Chipotle and get burgers and all this other stuff and I’m eatingthe same meal five days a week and I’m sick of it and sacrificing andyou’re eating out and it was kind of a little damper on our marriage and thenwe kind of worked through some stuff and

I realized that you know at that pointwe were you know in the best financial place we ever been and we can afford toeat out a little bit and so I kind of pull back the reins and then after a fewmonths of that after we gave him some grace with it we decided to compromiseand he would bring his lunch two days a week I told him I will make you whateveryou want I’ll make you steaks I’ll make you this I’ll make chicken I’ll make youwhatever you want and it’ll be cheaper than going out to eat because it’s youknow homemade and I’m making it in the house and this curl is doing somethingand so we decided it on two days a week so then after a while we got up justthree days a week so now we are in three to four days a week that he bringslunches and that’s it is a challenge of what to make him sometimes he does wantsandwiches but even with sandwiches I don’t necessarily always like it becausethen I buy a whole loaf of bread which he has like two or three sandwiches fromand then the rest of the bread just wasted and or I could stick in thefreezer brothers freezers like tiny exaggeration but it’s tiny and so thenyou know we started experimenting with different things and so I have come upwith five different lunches that I’m feeling filming for you guys just toshow you what he eats and it’s really funny right around like 12 o’clock or 12o’clock got texting me like so I was lunch and he said babe that was reallygood I’m like see see

I told you be really good and now his corks are likehome to watch a wife make it over there what’d you make you over there can shemake me that and it’s just so funny to see how it’s changed and evolved andyeah so let’s get into the lunches tomorrow for lunch my husband is havinga chicken Caesar salad under here is a romaine lettuce I justhave a paper towel because a little bit wet still if I’m washing it and then wehave some croutons bacon bits in some shredded Parmesan cheese then I havesome air fryer chicken therefore are still cooling off here and then somechicken I’ll just throw this in the microwave for like 30 40 seconds heatedup and then dump it on top some Caesar dressing here and we have some grapesand a Hershey kiss for dessert and then I like to put a little dad joke or lovenew in here so today the dad joke is why do the coffee pop police report takethat mugs so here is the Caesar salad today is meatloaf I’m actually reallyexcited for this lunch I had just some California medley I put a little butteron it some meatloaf with like a ketchup spread on it and homemade mashedpotatoes from scraping so Yukon Gold potatoes which he absolutely loves andthat has a little butter on it as well so here is a super filling manly manlylunch for my husband today for lunch he is having a Mexican lasagna everythingso it is flour tortillas and then

I made some ground beef with some onion powderand garlic minced garlic cook that up and thenadded some tomatoes with green chilies and corn and then I layered it with somesour cream and then another layer of tortilla it would the same thing withoutthe sacrum in the top and then you bake it at 350 for 25 minutes and after itcomes out you top it with cheese and just let the heat cook it then or thathe has some black olives he doesn’t like sour cream which I’m gonna put Greekyogurt on mine and then some salsa which I did try a little bit of this and itdefinitely has a kick so I don’t know so salsa is gonna be too much or not but itis quite too spicy then some cheez-its and some of thesecalled strawberries I really like these containers I got them on Amazon and theyjust kind of let the moisture go down to the bottom and it leaves a little gap soit keeps the produce super fresh so this is lunch for today well I enjoyed thisweek I made a crock pot Chatham Parma I’ve made it before I actually did acollab cook with me on this so I will have that link down below but this isjust crock pot chicken parm and it’s some penne pasta I don’t like to meltthe cheese first I like to do it when it’s in the microwave so that way whenhe hits it it’s all good to go and all nice and melty and fresh and thenthere’s some homemade marinara sauce in there then we have some

I cut upstrawberries here and then a kiss for dessert so here is his chicken parm atlunch today’s lunch is some barbecue chicken there is angel hair pasta sidethe the Italian herbs pasta sauce or pasta side and some California medley soit is quite far broccoli and carrots or at lunch alright guys I hope that washelpful for you to see all of the lunches let me know what you guys makefor your husbands for lunches or lunches for yourself let me know I’m alwayslooking for new ideas and just to change it up mix it up for him he is lookingfor new ideas all the time so let me know down below in the comments let meknow what your favorite lunch is but I showed I love you hear from you guys allright I will talk to later bye


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