My Top 5 Favorite ALDI Products


hey guys welcome to freedom in a budgetI am Kelly and I am so excited to host this collab of my five favorite all deepproducts this is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while as youguys know Aldi is a game changer it has it completely it transformed my grocerybudget I spend $200 a month for my husband and I and we are able to find somany amazing products at Aldi that are healthy affordable delicious it’s it’sso good so I asked a bunch of ladies to get together to do this club with us sowe have some great great ladies first one is Jess with it blessed Jess she isjust so awesome so sweet and that she does Weight Watchers next is becomingAlexa and Alexa Dez Weight Watchers as well she is a new channel nerd to meshe’s been around for quite a while but I absolutely love her channel next is ajoyful home oh gosh we actually did a collab together a while back that I’lllink down below in the description box make sure you check that out and lastlyKristin Marie Kristin is she’s on a weight-loss journey as well she’s notdoing Weight Watchers but she is in the budgeting world and does weight loss andshe’s just awesome so make sure you go check out all of these ladies and ifyou’re coming over from the collab welcome I am Kelli and

I am all aboutliving life well on a budget and losing weight at the same time so I have achannel full of just weight loss and budgeting and all sorts of differentdifferent types of videos a lot of what I eight videos grocery hauls budgetupdate videos where I go through Mike so budget all sorts of different stuff so Ihope that you subscribe if you are new and if you are already a subscriber itthank you so much for coming back that means the world to mealright so we have five all the products that I’m so excited to share with younurse healthy and not healthy so I’m gonna getthe non healthy out of the way just because alright so first is theirtortellini as you guys know I am a pasta girlabsolutely love some pasta so this is one doesn’t haveto refrigerated they have a refrigerator one in a non refrigerator one in Thuyhonest I was a little nervous to try this one it is cheaper I think thispackage is $1.99 and it is eight point eight ounces so I was nervous like pastathat’s that cheese in it that’s from the aisle like what seriouslyanyways but this kinda is absolute delicious the pasta is nice and tenderit is so good so if you are doing weight watchers freestyle if you can have halfof this package for eight points which seems kind of high but

if you have thisfor the little zero point sauce on it a little parm cheese for one point somechicken breast right you can have an amazing dinner for eight or nine pointslike that’s incredible um yes definitely check out this thistortellini so good alright next on the unhealthy orif you wanted to have like a really splurge you can have it with thischicken tenders so these are the liquid car magellanic chicken tenders weabsolutely love these we put these in the airfryer and and you can have fourounces which is about a tender for six points um we cook these all the timewith pasta with the tortellini excuse Tyler she here’s the food yeah these aresoothing these are absolute Jamie’s favorite we’ve got some Kangol crestedones at pasta that are a little bit cheaper but the quality on those is somuch better seriously she’s gonna be all up in here all right moving on next isthe elevation at protein powder I love this stuff guys I as you guys know I tryand get protein in and work out I don’t work out as much as I would like to buteven if I’m not working out I don’t eat a lot of meat just because of price andconvenience and whatnot so I love to get the protein in this way so you can haveone scoop for three points and this is the vanilla and it has 30 grams ofprotein and then this one is all thirty grams of protein and this is thechocolate this one’s almost done as you can hear and I’m sure that’s super loudand your mic I’m sorry so these are really really good I absolutely lovethem three points first scoop which is awesomethis whole container which is 18 servings yet both of them have 18servings is 1899 such a good deal guys that’s incredible if you were tobuy this at like GNC or something like thatyou would be spending like $40 for something that size incredibleincredible deal all right next you guys see this in every singlegrocery haul that I have unsweetened vanilla almond milk love this guysabsolutely love

it I put this in my coffee I cook with it it’s it’s my go-toI used to be a skim milk person but because of Weight Watchers skim milk Ithink it’s silly three points for a cup which is high you would think it’s betfree but it still has natural sugars and stuff so the unsweetened vanilla is mygo-to you can have up to half a cup for zero points or if you go up to a fullcup it’s one point so I just put it splash my coffee and it’s zero pointwhich is so good all right and lastly is there cute marathas all right for theircouscous they have the parmesan and the roasted garlic and olive oil I’m acheese person and surprisingly this one is my favorite go figureso these are so good they are so easy it is three servings each serving is sixpoints which is a little high but they are high protein they have 8 grams ofprotein per serving which is awesome for a starch and guys they are so easy tomake you cannot mess this up all right you ready for literally how I make themI take some boiling water I think it is a cup and a quarter cup and a quarter ofboiling water while the water is boiling

I put this in a bowl it comes with thedry couscous and then like a seasoning packet put that in a bowl then Ithe boiling water I pre measure it I pour the water into the bowl stir it putit plate over the bowl let steep for five minutes take the plate off andfluff it with a fork and serve okay that’s it no butter no oil no nothing itit is so fluffy so I’m worried that people don’t like to say the moist wordit’s amazing so guys check out their couscous it’s a great alternative tolike pastas or rice or anything like that if you’re trying to cut out riceand because it does have the protein oh it is so a white starch but I’d ratherhave this than like white rice or yellow rice just because of the protein andguys with the foot that you have plain but please know I like the flavor sothose are my five favorite all de products let me know your favorite allthe products let me know if you have an Aussie buy you if you don’t let me knowyour favorite products from your store where they be Trader Joe’s or Walmart orPublix whatever it is I’d love to hear from you guys go check out the otherpeople in the club you will not regret it at all and if you are new again makesure you hit that subscribe button down below and I will talk to you guys laterbye


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