Zero Debt Living: Perks of a DEBT FREE Life!


hey guys welcome it to freedom in abudget and that’s collab it zero debt living perks of a debt-free life I’m soexcited to do this collab with some of my other favorite debt-free gurus andjust heroes in this budgeting community I am so thrilled to finally be able todo a video with them now that I am debt free I am so excited and so thrilled tobe doing this so if you’re a new coming over from the collab I’m Kelly withfreedom in a budget I recently paid off all of my student loans and I am debtfree and I’m cash flowing a $30,000 wedding I will be getting married in sixweeks with no debt which is incredible and such a great feeling of you knowbeing able to do this without getting more debt one of my co-workers recentlyit just got married back in February her wedding was a 100 grand now if you wantto have a hundred grand wedding okay she cannot afford under a weddingdo you know I’m a jet she’s in every single paycheckshe has like seven dollars to her bank account because she is living way beyondher means and it’s living this lifestyle that she cannot afford so it’s alreadygone that ranch I don’t know where that came frombut I’m so excited to be doing this and just to you know share with you guys thepeace of mind that living a definite life gives you and the bondage thatyou’re into when you’re in debt and you know

I really didn’t realize how much itreally was I remember when I started my debt free journey I don’t think I’veever admitted this to anyone but I started my definite journey and you knowstart paying attention today breem saying this not and at that time Ionly had one student loan and my views were like eighty seven dollars a monththis was before I thought or before I realized I had other student limits Iwanted to follow up that I needed to Pam but I had ones going alone at the timeor so I thought that was like $87 I said what’s gonna change in my life with $87what’s gonna change like it isn’t a hard month I can afford that it’s finehonestly you know I want to get more in seeing’s and this and that I don’treally understand at the point of having to pay this off because it’s 87 dollarsa month okay let me tell you the peace of mind that I have that I don’t oweanyone anything I don’t like I’m not a slave to them I’m not the slave to thelender I any money that I make it’s mine yes I have bills to payokay but I’m not indebted to anyone at all whatsoeverwhich is the best feeling and so comforting now this past week two of myco-workers got fired two of them one of them a single mom the second one justbought a house a new car and has a second baby that was just born a couplemonths ago in a state home wife that just quit her job last Octoberyeah can you say stressed like they were making well over six figures and he justgot fired and he’s not that free

I know him well and he’s struggling oh he’sfreaking out now if I lost my job I’d be freaking out a little bit let’s behonest but I know that we don’t work out I don’t have you know these bills that Ihave to pay that I don’t have the income to to cover it and that’s important tothe emergency fund and that’s importance of not living beyond your means and justthe the peace of mind you know we are so excited to you know finish up fundingthis wedding and then really hitting the three to six months of an emergencysavings and getting it fast baby set three we want done fast and theninvesting oh my gosh we are so excited about investing we were so excited aboutgiving and everything like this morning isrunning some numbers of what our income is gonna be when the Jim and I getmarried the amount of money that we’re doing able to be giving to the church isincredible that 10% that we’re able to give to the church I am just so excitedto be able to write that check every month and be able to you know bless ourlocal church with it that is so exciting to me guys and you know just the peaceof mind that we have that we’re not in debt you know we want to get a new carsoon are we gonna get out of car loan know

I have a new apartment here thatneeds some furniture like a new bed new couch all this stuff are we gonna go andput on credit cards or take out a store lap no we’re gonna save up and pay cashfor it because that way we know that it’s oursand even though you know some of those places like Jimmy’s mom was talkingabout words to get rooms to go has a zero percent credit card that they offerfor like 18 months or 16 months or something like that and she’s like thisis gonna be a great option for you guys I’m at nine o’clock did you mean like Idon’t want to do that no I want to pay cash you know I’d rather get the lessnice couch and pay cash for it and know that we own it outright rather thanbeing you know indebted to firms to go for a year and a half whatever so justthe peace of mind that you get guys when you pay off your debt whether it be alittle bit a lot of it whatever it is living a debt-free life is so peacefuldo you know how much better I sleep at night when I paid off my student loansit’s crazy it wasn’t you know something that Iwasn’t about the pay of their bills because of it but just knowing that Ididn’t have to pay Sallie Mae or navient or whatever you want to call themanymore

I was done I was free guys it is so so so freeing so I hope that had thisresonates with you and I hope that it motivates you to get rid of your debtlet me know down below in the comments what you are most excited for a payingoff your debt let me know that I cannot wait to hear that and I’m just I’m sopumped for you guys you guys are doing awesome keep it up don’t forget to gocheck out the other channels they are all awesome awesomeawesome channels I love them all so much and if you were coming over from thiscollab welcome welcome I hope that you subscribe and then stick around for abit all right I will talk to you guys later bye


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